About Us

Our Company Name – Meaning and Significance

At Clicks and Sales, we are a team of passionate technology and digital marketing geeks. We derive our name from the key essence of digital marketing which is more clicks for your website, app or videos which ultimately leads to more sales.

However, many organisations these days only focus on the first aspect of more clicks/leads and have not built their service around ensuring more sales for their clients. Our name reminds us everyday that all our efforts should be focussed to acquire more clicks and more sales for our clients.

This way we nurture the complete life cycle of new client acquisition and bring immense value as a leading digital marketing and sales partner to B2B and B2C companies in India.

Our Company – Journey

Clicks and Sales Pvt Ltd is a company registered with MCA, Government of India. Company is registered at Mumbai while the company has branch offices at Pune and New Delhi. Clicksandsales has been operating in the Digital Marketing space since 2008 till 2020 as a proprietorship company. With increasing operations and professional management requirements, management decided to incorporate the company in February, 2020.

The Start

Started our journey in 2008 at Mumbai with humble beginnings and were doing basic SEO and digital marketing

Moving Ahead

In the year 2015, we expanded our operations to Pune and New Delhi

Success Year

In the year 2018, we deliver our 1 Millionth lead

Future Plans

We work with Kaizen (meaning continuous improvement) as our sole driver of business operations. Regardless of where we reach, we intend to be the most trusted sales and digital marketing solutions company in India.

Our Company – Who we are?

Co-founded by Sukhvinder Bakshi and Vijay Suri, Clicks & Sales Pvt Ltd has a team size varying between 40-50 team members which include full time team members, Technology experts who work on contract and Digital Marketing service providers.

The key vision of Clicks and Sales Pvt Ltd is to keep the company process driven and not person driven. This ensures that our clients, employees and vendors get a positive experience dealing with the company.