Case Study 5

Struggling to Scale New Heights With Your ERP Business? Explore How WEXI Software Increased Their Reach by 57% Across India, Malaysia, and Singapore

Meet the Client

WEXI Software was founded in 2010 by a group of seasoned professionals who had extensive experience in providing ERP solutions to clients. Their goal was to create an ERP solution that could be specifically tailored to each business's requirements while simultaneously offering top-notch customer service. They have developed into the industry's top supplier of ERP systems over the years, specializing in the deployment and customisation of SAP and SAP Hana. WEXI Software, a market leader in ERP solutions, has had to adjust to these difficulties in order to stay one step ahead of the competition. To provide cutting-edge solutions that can satisfy the changing needs of businesses, they have substantially invested in R&D. They have also built a strong customer support team that provides round-the-clock assistance to clients.


The growing desire for automation and digitization in enterprises has fueled the industry of ERP software with significant growth in recent years. The market for global ERP software was estimated at $35.8 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach $78.4 billion by 2026, rising at a CAGR of 9.8% from 2019 to 2026, according to a report by Allied Market Research. Yet, the industry is also dealing with a number of difficulties, such as escalating rivalry, the need for constant innovation, and the difficulty of putting ERP solutions into practice for companies.

WEXI Software sought assistance from Clicks and Sales to fill their sales funnel since, despite their efforts, they were having trouble with sluggish sales and growth in 2017. They were able to produce new leads on a monthly basis with the support of Clicks and Sales, which helped them regain their confidence and increase their sales.

The case study focuses on how Clicks and Sales (C&S) assisted WEXI Software in growing their market share in Malaysia, Singapore, and India by establishing their brand and supplying their sales funnel with new leads. In 2017, WEXI struggled with sluggish sales and growth as well as keeping their sales crew on board. C&S conducted outreach campaigns and webinars, designed landing pages, and ran paid marketing campaigns on LinkedIn, which resulted in generating 15+ monthly qualified leads for 12 months, increasing WEXI's popularity in the manufacturing segment, and boosting the confidence of their sales team leading to new sales within 3 months of starting the campaign.

Intense Competition and Increasing Saturation

WEXI Software had been a leading player in the ERP solutions market for several years, providing customized ERP solutions that they had developed on their own, as well as SAP and SAP Hana implementation and customization.

WEXI Software faced intense competition from established SAP partners who had already captured a significant share of the ERP software market. These competitors had established strong brand recognition and customer loyalty, making it difficult for WEXI to make a name for themselves in the industry. This challenge posed a significant threat to WEXI's growth as it limited their ability to expand their customer base and generate new revenue streams. As a consequence, WEXI struggled to differentiate themselves from their competitors, leading to decreased sales and revenue.

WEXI Software faced declining sales due to the intense competition in the market and the saturation of the ERP software market. This decline led to difficulty in retaining their sales team, which in turn made it more challenging to generate new sales leads and revenue. This challenge significantly hampered WEXI's growth as their sales team was critical to expanding their customer base and increasing revenue. As a consequence, WEXI's declining sales resulted in a negative impact on their overall business performance.

The ERP software market was becoming increasingly saturated with numerous ERP products and solutions available in the market. This saturation posed a significant challenge for WEXI as it led to increased competition and difficulty in differentiating themselves from other ERP solution providers. As a consequence, WEXI struggled to generate new sales leads and expand their customer base, leading to decreased revenue and stunted growth.

WEXI Software found it challenging to differentiate themselves from other ERP solution providers due to the similarity of their product offerings. This lack of differentiation made it difficult for potential customers to choose WEXI over their competitors. This challenge was detrimental to WEXI's growth as it limited their ability to attract new customers and generate new revenue streams. As a consequence, WEXI struggled to maintain their market share and remained a smaller player in the ERP software market.

WEXI Software faced a challenge with the decreasing demand for traditional ERP solutions. This decrease in demand posed a significant threat to WEXI's growth as it limited their ability to expand their customer base and generate new revenue streams. As a consequence, WEXI needed to pivot their focus to other areas of the ERP software market, such as customized ERP solutions and SAP Hana implementation and customisation, to stay competitive and grow their business.

Tailored Approach to Lead Generation and Market Penetration

WEXI Software contracted C&S to build their brand and fill their sales funnel on a monthly basis with 10 fresh leads. WEXI did not want an overflow of leads at one point in time rather were interested in small but frequent placement of new leads. C&S took the following steps

  • Massive outreach campaign to Small and Medium sized manufacturing companies in their region
    C&S conducted a targeted outreach campaign to small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in WEXI's region, aiming to introduce WEXI's ERP solutions and generate interest among potential customers. This involved identifying and contacting relevant decision-makers within the companies and highlighting the benefits of WEXI's customised ERP solutions.
  • Designing of landing pages for their website for downloading E-books and other relevant information
    To capture leads and provide valuable information to potential customers, C&S designed landing pages on WEXI's website that offered free downloads of relevant e-books and other information. These landing pages were designed to be visually appealing and easy to navigate, with clear calls-to-action to encourage visitors to submit their contact information.
  • Free customisation webinars on SAP/SAP Hana customisation
    To further engage potential customers and demonstrate their expertise in SAP and SAP Hana customisation, C&S organised a series of free webinars that offered customisation tips and best practices. These webinars provided an opportunity for WEXI to showcase their solutions and interact with potential customers.
  • Paid marketing campaign on Linkedin
    To further increase WEXI's visibility among potential customers, C&S ran a paid marketing campaign on LinkedIn, targeting decision-makers in the manufacturing industry. This involved creating and promoting sponsored posts that highlighted WEXI's solutions and offered value to potential customers.

Overall, these efforts by C&S helped WEXI Software generate a steady stream of fresh leads, build their brand, and regain confidence in their sales team. How can we help your ERP business?

Transforming WEXI's Sales Pipeline

The Outcomes

15+ monthly qualified leads were generation for 12 months by C&S

WEXI gained popularity in the manufacturing segment and almost every small and medium manufacturer in their region knew of them

Their sales team regained confidence and new sales started to happen within 3 months of starting the campaign

By generating 15 or more qualified leads per month, C&S was able to help WEXI fill their sales funnel and create a steady stream of potential customers. This allowed the sales team to have more opportunities to close deals and increase revenue. By gaining popularity in the manufacturing segment, WEXI was able to stand out among other ERP providers and establish a strong presence in their local market. This helped to differentiate them from their competitors and increase their brand recognition. By generating more qualified leads and providing the sales team with a steady stream of potential customers, C&S was able to boost the confidence of the sales team and help them close more deals. This led to an increase in sales within just 3 months of starting the campaign, showing that the strategy was effective in addressing the challenges faced by WEXI.

A Partnership that Works

At WEXI, we were facing a serious challenge with our sales funnel, struggling to generate quality leads and retain our sales team. However, since partnering with Clicks and Sales, we have seen a significant transformation in our sales pipeline. Their team has been proactive in their approach, with an extensive outreach campaign targeting small and medium-sized manufacturers in our region.

Not only did they generate 15+ qualified leads per month for a whole year, but their creative strategies like free customisation webinars on SAP/SAP Hana also helped us establish ourselves as a trusted resource in the manufacturing industry. The design of landing pages for our website and the paid marketing campaigns on LinkedIn were highly effective in increasing brand awareness.

As a result of this partnership, we've gained popularity in the manufacturing segment and our sales team has regained confidence. New sales started happening within just three months of starting the campaign, which was a significant improvement for us. We highly recommend Clicks and Sales for anyone who is looking for a reliable partner to help them with their sales funnel.

Director of Sales and Marketing, WEXI, Singapore