Case Study 5

How WEXI Software expanded their footprint in India, Malaysia and Singapore

The Client

WEXI Software is a ERP solutions company and provides cutomised ERP solutions which the company has developed on their own and also SAP, SAP Hana implementation and customisation. WEXI was facing slowing sales and growth in 2017 and were unsure of how to feed their sales funnel.

Challenges faced

WEXI was facing immense competition from other SAP partners. Moreover, the days of SAP being the only ERP solutions company were now over as many ERP products and solutions are available in the market. WEXI was unable to retain their sales team due to declining sales.

What steps were taken?

WEXI Software contracted C&S to build their brand and fill their sales funnel on a monthly basis with 10 fresh leads. WEXI did not want an overflow of leads at one point in time rather were interested in small but frequent placement of new leads. C&S took the following steps

  • Massive outreach campaign to Small and Medium sized manufacturing companies in their region
  • Free customisation webinars on SAP/SAP Hana customisation
  • Designing of landing pages for their website for downloading E-books and other relevant information
  • Paid marketing campaign on Linkedin

The Outcomes

15+ monthly qualified leads were generation for 12 months by C&S

WEXI gained popularity in the manufacturing segment and almost every small and medium manufacturer in their region knew of them

Their sales team regained confidence and new sales started to happen within 3 months of starting the campaign