Case Study 4

How TEXA Sales Coaching grew their business with the help of organizing local meetups for their niche business offerings.

The Client

TEXA Sales Coaching is into the service of providing training and development for sales since 2014. They give various training courses related to sales starting from the fundamental sales skills to vendor differentiation to demand creation and personal motivation training. TEXA had recently expanded their business operations and their brand was owner or founder centric. Every nook and corner of India had their franchise, however, the franchise did not know how to generate sales and revenue from this business.

Challenges faced

TEXA Sales Coaching was able to generate leads effectively till 2017(As their founder was very popular on Youtube) after which the number of leads getting generated and converted started to reduce and the reason was that TEXA was not able to put through their message as to how the training courses they provide are useful and will prove to be a factor of advantage in the long run. TEXA had to find another way to generate leads and get more sales employees to enroll in their training courses.

What steps were taken?

TEXA Ltd came to C&S with their challenge and we suggested them the method of organizing local meetups which was as follows -

  • Employees from different organizations were contacted to understand their perspective towards sales and the benefits of training associated with sales.
  • Few local meetups were organized and people with common interests related to business and sales were called to share their views and ideas.
  • The representative of TEXA Sales Coaching prepared a presentation on the various training courses they have and presented the same in front of the audience.
  • Many people agreed to the fact that a certain level of training is required no matter how seasoned the employees are in their work.

The Outcomes

455 Lead were generated for sales coaching, business coaching for SME’s across 8 Tier II cities in India

Texa Sales Coaching purpose and value of their intellect was clearly communicated to clients and many clients asked for detailed discussions

TEXA Sales Coaching enhanced their goodwill and arranged more local meetups to expand their reach.