Case Study 3

Revolutionizing Lead Generation for Event Management
The Success Story of DEXO Events with C&S, Resulting in a 30% Increase in Profit

Meet the Client

DEXO Events is an event management company that has been serving clients in India and abroad since 2015. DEXO Events had established themselves as a well-known name in the event management sector thanks to their remarkable capacity to plan and manage both occasional and ongoing events. Their area of expertise is organizing business conferences, workshops, and other events that are tailored to the requirements of their clients.


Due to rising event demand and increased interest in digital marketing, the event management sector has experienced fast expansion in recent years. The global market for event management software is anticipated to reach $11.4 billion by 2027, rising at a CAGR of 11.3% from 2020 to 2027, according to a report by Research and Markets. According to the report, the Asia-Pacific region is anticipated to experience significant growth as a result of the rising use of event management software in nations like China, India, and Japan.

However, the event management sector also faces several challenges, one of which is client acquisition. Businesses like DEXO Events must continually innovate and find new methods to attract and keep customers. Event management firms must develop a multi-channel strategy in today's digital age of fierce competition to reach out to potential customers. The event management business is always seeing new entrants, making it a very competitive sector. As a result, well-known businesses like DEXO Events must put out a lot of effort to stand out and set themselves apart from rivals. The requirement for solid ties with suppliers and vendors is another difficulty. Also, to guarantee that everything works properly, from food to lighting, sound, and other technical requirements, event management businesses must maintain good relationships with their vendors and suppliers. This case study explains how Clicks and Sales were able to assist DEXO in strategically addressing the challenges and ever-growing competitors.

Exploring the Challenges

Event management companies face a variety of challenges, and one of the biggest is client acquisition. With so many competitors in the market, it can be difficult to stand out and attract new clients. DEXO Events was no exception to this struggle, and when they decided to branch out into open mic shows, they faced a new set of challenges.

The company realized that simply relying on social media channels and other traditional modes of lead generation would not be enough to attract clients for their new category of events. They needed something easy yet effective to capture leads and convert them into customers.

One potential solution was to tap into their existing client base and ask for referrals. However, when they asked their clients for direct references, things didn't seem to turn out as expected. The company discovered that their clients were not as willing to provide direct referrals as they had hoped, perhaps due to concerns about overstepping boundaries or the potential for awkwardness.

This posed a major challenge for DEXO Events, as they needed to find a way to generate leads without putting too much pressure on their existing clients. They had to get creative and think outside the box to come up with a new approach that would be both effective and respectful of their clients' boundaries.

Implementing the C&S Lead Generation Strategy

To address the challenges faced by DEXO, C&S took a systematic approach to lead generation. They started by offering a referral commission to incentivize clients to provide references. This is a common tactic used in lead generation, as word-of-mouth recommendations are highly effective in attracting new clients. In addition, C&S organized various referral programs to further incentivize clients, such as offering reference leads in exchange for their business.

Expressing gratitude towards existing clients for providing references is also an important part of lead generation. This not only strengthens the relationship between the company and the client but also encourages the client to provide more references in the future.

Creating client testimonials on the website is another effective tactic used in lead generation. Testimonials can provide potential clients with social proof of the quality of the company's services and can help establish trust. C&S made sure to make their clients talk about their experience, and used their feedback to create compelling testimonials that could be displayed prominently on their website.

Finally, instead of directly asking for references, C&S focused on creating content that would inspire current clients to share their page on a larger scale. This is a more subtle approach to lead generation but can be highly effective, as clients are more likely to share content that they find valuable or interesting. C&S created content that was shareable and relevant to their clients' interests, which helped to expand their reach and attract new clients.

  • Win-Win Referral Programs
    C&S devised innovative referral programs that became a hit with DEXO's clients. The program offered a mutually beneficial exchange of reference leads for business, empowering both parties to grow and expand their network.
  • Gratitude and Testimonials
    By expressing heartfelt gratitude to existing clients for their referrals and crafting engaging client testimonials, C&S created a sense of community and trust that resonated with potential customers. These efforts helped DEXO create a buzz and increase their brand recognition.
  • A Subtle yet Powerful Approach
    Instead of directly asking for references, C&S used its creativity to develop content that subtly inspired clients to share DEXO's services on a larger scale. By providing value-added content, C&S tapped into their clients' emotions and motivations, leading to a more organic and authentic expansion of their customer base.
  • Direct Cold Outreach
    As a final piece of the puzzle, C&S initiated direct cold outreach to reach a wider audience. We carefully crafted personalized messaging that resonated with potential customers, creating a connection and a sense of familiarity. These efforts were instrumental in generating leads and expanding DEXO's business.

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Boosting Leads with a Systematic Approach

The Outcomes

114 Leads were generated with the help of client referrals

DEXO expanded their operations and hired a team of 5 more people for event management due to their growing business

Profit increased by 30% with the help of this new category of open mic event.

By offering a referral commission and implementing various referral programs, DEXO was able to incentivize their existing clients to provide them with references, which resulted in 114 leads generated. This helped them reach potential clients they may not have been able to otherwise.

The increase in business growth can be attributed to the successful lead generation strategy implemented by C&S. The 114 leads generated allowed DEXO to expand their operations and hire more staff to manage the influx of new business. The addition of open mic events as a new category helped DEXO overcome the challenge of finding a new and unique offering to attract potential clients. This new category of events allowed DEXO to tap into a new market and increase their profit by 30%.

Overall, the outcomes show how the lead generation strategy implemented by C&S effectively addressed the challenges faced by DEXO, resulting in significant growth and success for the company.