Case Study 3

How C&S generated leads for DEXO Events and helped in increasing their sales

The Client

DEXO is an event management company which has been organizing and managing events since 2015. They have clients who are based out of India and foreign countries as well. Their reach towards people is simply amazing when it comes to organizing one time events and regular events as well. They are into arranging corporate seminars and workshops. In 2019 they were looking towards organizing open mic shows for corporates and other clients as well.

Challenges faced

Getting clients from social media channels or through other modes of lead generation was not enough at that time and DEXO required something which was easy yet effective in getting clients for their new category of events which was open mics. They somehow wanted to capture leads through already available corporate clients but things didn’t seem to turn out in a positive note when they asked their existing clients for giving references directly. This was a major challenge they were facing at that time.

What steps were taken?

C&S followed a systematic approach of lead generation by offering a referral commission and also started direct cold outreach. Key notable points were -

  • Organizing various referral programs for the benefit of clients who provide you with references, for example giving them reference leads in exchange for their business.
  • Expressing gratitude towards the existing clients for the references they have provided.
  • Making your clients talk about how their experience was and creating client testimonials on the website.
  • Not asking for references directly but creating content that will inspire your current clients to share your page on a larger scale

The Outcomes

114 Leads were generated with the help of client referrals

DEXO expanded their operations and hired a team of 5 more people for event management due to their growing business

Profit increased by 30% with the help of this new category of open mic event.