Case Study 2

How C&S generated qualified leads for LearnMat and kept updating their sales funnel at Salesforce

The Client

LearnMat is a company which offers educational and professional courses for students who are preparing for their MBA entrance exams like CAT, CET, NMAT, SNAP, GMAT, CMAT and it also provides students with question banks and test papers which prove to be a great source of help for the students. Till now they have successfully trained more than 2500 students across various locations. They planned to reach more students but they were unaware as to how they could make their reach broader.

Challenges Faced

One of the major challenges faced by LearnMat was the lack of usage of multiple social media channels that were available and with the help of which they could reach more people and generate student leads. The resources they lacked were skills of digital marketing, content creation and content channelizing. Social media is one of the major sources of their existing lead generation however, they were unable to grow beyond a certain sales figure every month.

What steps were taken by C&S ?

C&S analysed all their traffic reports like Google Analytics, FB campaigns and Instagram campaigns. Their lead generation was only reliant on paid lead generation ads on FB and Instagram. C&S was contracted to generation 1000 leads of interested students in such courses in a 90 day period. C&S reviewed their social media profiles and saw that the engagement level was low and also remarketing was not used as a strategy. C&S leveraged their owned web property Enroll India and created multilingual marketing campaigns. Campaigns in Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam & Bengali were created. Video testimonials of existing satisfied customers were taken and advertising slots were chosen for Hotstar and Dream 11. Other notable key points undertake by C&S were -

  • Sharing links of gated content
  • Social media contests and quizzes
  • Effective advertising on social media
  • Live videos, webinars, hangouts

The Outcomes

1145 qualified leads were generated by C&S in 44 days time

LearnMat was able to increase their sales quickly

With increased engagement at Social Channels, many referral and direct signups started for LearnMat courses at Enroll India