Case Study 1

How Clicks & Sales generated B2B leads for a leading HR Outsourcing company(HRO) by applying the methodology of competitive analysis based on multiple factors.

The Client

HRO is a fast growing HR Outsourcing company in India. Based out of Mumbai, it’s presence in the domain has strongly enhanced HR outsourcing and consulting services for many organizations across the country. They are successfully providing their HR recruitment and HR management services to more than 200 clients and they have been consistent in the quality of work and performance they give. They wanted to expand their operations to Non-Metropolitan cities in India and that is when they started facing new client acquisition challenges.

Challenges Faced

One of the major challenges faced by HRO were the competitors who were already in the marketplace for providing HR outsourcing services, the clients these companies had acquired were almost non-responsive to HRO meeting requests. HRO had set up new offices at Hyderabad, Indore and Jaipur with a sales team of 12, however, new clients were difficult to get by.

What steps were taken?

HRO contracted C&S to audit their existing lead generation and sales process and provide service for lead generation through digital marketing and cold outreach.

C&S audited the presence of HRO’s competitors and developed E-Books with detailed HR and PF compliance for companies. These E-Books were downloadable through the web portal and the web portal was advertised with a specific audience of the companies who needed HRO’s services. This created a name recall of HRO in the target segment and then remarketing for an online demo of HRO’s attendance panel was done. C&S did a detailed analysis based on the following key points

  • Identifying competitors and performing SWOT Analysis for HRO
  • Classifying competitors into different categories like primary, secondary and tertiary.
  • Understanding competitor’s website and their client experience.
  • Understanding the market positioning strategy of their competitors
  • Understanding their pricing strategy.
  • Understanding their customer expectations handling strategy.
  • Analyzing the customer reviews they get.
  • Analyzing their social media presence.
  • Staying updated about the techniques they are using.
  • Differentiating the benefits and features from the competitors.

The Outcomes

235 Leads generation for HRO in a time span of 84 days

143 online demo’s done by HRO sales team for their HR software and services

12 signups happened within 90 days of the contract period of HRO & C&S