Case Study 1

Breaking into New Markets: How Clicks & Sales Helped leading HR Outsourcing company (HRO) Generate Quality B2B Leads with C&S Growth Integrated Competitor Analysis

Meet The Client

HRO is a leading HR outsourcing company based in Mumbai, India. With a focus on enhancing HR outsourcing and consulting services for organizations across the country, HRO has successfully provided HR recruitment and management services to over 200 clients. Consistent in their quality of work and performance, HRO has earned a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy HR outsourcing partner.


The HR outsourcing industry has seen significant growth in recent years due to the increasing need for businesses to outsource non-core functions. By outsourcing HR functions such as recruitment, payroll management, and compliance, businesses can save time and resources while also accessing specialized expertise. However, with the growth of the industry has come increased competition, making it challenging for companies like HRO to acquire new clients and expand their services.

HRO encountered difficulties when attempting to spread its activities to non-metropolitan Indian cities despite its success in Mumbai. Due to the presence of established competitors in these industries, HRO struggled to win over new customers. It was challenging for HRO to gain a foothold in these markets since the clients that these competitors had already attracted were unresponsive to their meeting invitations. Also, HRO found it challenging to forge connections with prospective customers due to a lack of familiarity with the local market and culture. HRO also faced considerable difficulties in attracting new customers when it sought to expand its services in non-metropolitan cities. In these markets, the competition was already strong, so HRO needed to find a strategy to set itself apart. HRO's goals to expand were in jeopardy without a strong lead generating and sales strategy.

Understanding the Challenges Ahead

The difficulties that businesses like HRO encounter are expanding along with the HR outsourcing market in India. Although being successful in offering over 200 clients high-quality HR recruitment and management services, the business knew that growing to non-metropolitan cities would call for a different strategy.

HRO encountered a problem that many businesses in this industry face after the opening of new offices in Hyderabad, Indore, and Jaipur: competition. They discovered that in these cities, their rivals had already made a significant impact, making it challenging for HRO to stand out and attract potential clients. The clients that their rivals had already gained were unresponsive to HRO's requests for meetings, which made the sales process even more challenging.

The new sales teams, which usually had 12 or more members, found that finding new clients was more difficult than they had anticipated once they began to work. They had trouble differentiating themselves from other HR outsourcing businesses because they ran into resistance, apathy, and mistrust from potential clients. The group realized they needed to develop a unique strategy in order to properly market their services and set themselves out from the competitors.

It was clear that HRO needed to take a more targeted and analytical approach to their lead generation and sales processes. It was at this juncture in their expansion they contacted Clicks and Sales for our services in digital marketing and lead generation. By working together, HRO was able to overcome their challenges and successfully acquire new clients in non-metropolitan cities.

Developing a Strategic Action Plan for HRO

HRO sought the advice of C&S to improve its lead generation and sales process. C&S performed a thorough assessment of HRO's lead generation and sales process as part of the engagement, which allowed us to pinpoint areas that needed improvement.

C&S thoroughly investigated HRO's rivals and found opportunities for HRO to outperform them. Based on this analysis, C&S created E-Books for businesses that concentrated on HR and PF compliance. The HRO web portal, which was advertised to a particular target market of businesses that were likely to profit from HRO's services, made these E-Books accessible for download. In the target market, this increased recognition of the HRO brand. This created brand awareness and recall of HRO in the target segment. Subsequently, C&S employed remarketing tactics to entice potential customers to book an online demo of HRO's attendance panel.

During this phase, C&S analyzed the following key areas:

  • Competitor Analysis :
    C&S identified primary, secondary, and tertiary competitors of HRO and performed a SWOT analysis to determine their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Website Analysis :
    C&S examined the websites of HRO's competitors and evaluated their client experience to determine what could be improved.
  • Market Positioning Strategy Analysis :
    C&S evaluated the market positioning strategy of HRO's competitors, including their unique value propositions and target audience.
  • Pricing Strategy Analysis :
    C&S analyzed the pricing strategies of HRO's competitors to determine how HRO could remain competitive in the market.
  • Customer Expectations Handling Analysis :
    C&S analyzed how HRO's competitors handled customer expectations and determined areas where HRO could improve its customer service.
  • Customer Reviews Analysis :
    C&S analyzed customer reviews of HRO's competitors to identify common pain points and improve HRO's service offerings.
  • Social Media Analysis :
    C&S analyzed the social media presence of HRO's competitors to determine how they engaged with their audience and identify areas for improvement.
  • Staying Up-to-Date :
    C&S kept up-to-date on the latest techniques and trends in the industry to ensure that HRO remained competitive.
  • Benefits and Features Differentiation :
    C&S differentiated the benefits and features of HRO's services from those of its competitors, ensuring that HRO stood out in the marketplace.

The Outcomes

Measurable Success

Lead Generation and Sales Growth for HRO

235 Leads generation for HRO in a time span of 84 days

143 online demo’s done by HRO sales team for their HR software and services

12 signups within 90 days of the contract period of HRO & C&S

The outcomes achieved by HRO and C&S in the time span of the project were significant in addressing the challenges that HRO faced earlier.

The lead generation service provided by C&S enabled HRO to acquire 235 new leads in just 84 days, which had been a major challenge for HRO earlier. With a well-defined strategy for lead generation through digital marketing and cold outreach, C&S created a name recall for HRO in the target segment. This helped HRO to reach out to potential clients who were in need of their services.

Furthermore, with the help of the online demo provided by the HRO sales team, 143 potential clients got an understanding of HRO’s HR software and services, which helped to build a strong relationship with them. The demo showcased the features and benefits of HRO's services and proved to be instrumental in addressing the customer expectations handling strategy that HRO had previously struggled with.

The efforts made by C&S to understand HRO's competitors' pricing strategy, market positioning strategy, and customer expectations handling strategy also helped in differentiating HRO's services from the competition. This helped HRO to sign up 12 new clients within 90 days of the contract period with C&S, which was a major achievement. Overall, the outcomes achieved by HRO and C&S were in line with the objectives of the project. They enabled HRO to overcome the challenges they faced earlier and helped them to expand their operations to non-metropolitan cities in India.

HRO's Success Story

  • HRO had set up new offices at Hyderabad, Indore and Jaipur.
  • Competitors non-responsive to HRO's meeting requests.
  • Partnered with Clicks and Sales to identify and resolve the problem.
  • C&S completes auditing of HRO’s sales process.
  • Auditing Competitors and Developing E-Books.
  • C&S develops and implements a strategic action plan with concrete steps.
  • Lead Generation and Online Demos begin.
  • 235 leads generated for HRO; 143 online demos conducted.
  • Signups and Service Delivery.
  • 12 signups from new clients; HRO's HR services delivered.
  • Outcome Evaluation and Follow-up.
  • A report of progress was created to aid HRO in understanding how the tide was turned in their favor and further service essentials to support the growth were addressed to the client.

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